10 Affordable Places in Ahmedabad to Buy a Retirement Home

When it comes to buy your dream house you always want the best. We don’t build house daily, do we? So while buying a home the decision must be taken carefully. I was overhearing the conversation of two elderly people the other day when they were discussing about the real estate in Ahmedabad. Overhearing is not such a good thing though but the discussion is surely quite interesting to me.


Ahmedabad is one of the largest cities in Gujarat. Being the commercial city of the state the real estate market is quite a lucrative one there as well. Attractive properties are not so hard to find across the city however to find an affordable property might be a challenge. The elderly people that day were talking about this only. So i though I can bring some light on this matter for the people who are willing to have affordable retirement home within the Ahmedabad boundary. Here are the 10 places that you can consider.

  1. Chandkheda

Chandkheda is quite a popular place from north-west Ahmedabad. In recent times the place has developed largely with excellent connectivity, amenities, Chandkheda – Gandhi Nagar road connectivity and what not. This commercial area has become most desirable and affordable residential area for the inhabitants. Price: Rs. 3000/- per sft onwards for 2500 sq ft area.

  1. Gota

The average range of properties in Gota starts from Rs. 3100 per sq ft. In a recent time the place has improved a lot as some of the major properties are found in Gota. Godrej Property is one of them that offers affordable 2 BHK flats in Gota. The place is developing now with advanced amenities. It will be quite a good choice for retirement home at affordable price.

  1. Satellite

Satellite is one of the most popular areas in Ahmedabad. The place is well developed with advanced amenities, road connectivity and of course a perfect place for commercial and residential property investments. However the price range is bit more than the rest of the areas. If you can manage to spend Rs. 6000+ per sq ft then have your dream house in Satellite.

  1. Mani Nagar

Comparatively less expensive yet amazing place in Ahmedabad is Mani Nagar. It is a basically industrial area that is already developed as a proper residential area. Better amenities, infrastructures and far better road connectivity make the place more desirable. The range starts from Rs. 2900/- per sq ft.

  1. Bodakdev

Bodakdev is another bit expensive area to live in. The amenities like SG Road, public transport, schools, colleges, medical centres and industries make it more expensive for the residential investment. Not like Satellite but Bodakdev too offers Rs. 4800/-+ range for the residential property. The place is well connected with the city, airport and railway stations. The price is worth I would say.

  1. Prahlad Nagar

Prahlad Nagar is personally my favourite place. The reason behind it is the area and the locality. The place is well known for the commercial purpose. Companies, BPOs, KPOs and other industries can be found there. If you have a house here you have life here. Market places, restaurants and much more can be found to relish your retirement phase. Price range: Rs. 4300/- per sq. ft.

  1. Motera

It is quite near to Chandkheda. As mentioned Chandkheda has become a favourite real estate place in Ahmedabad, Motera is no different either. The place is well connected to railways and bus roads. Infrastructure, amenities and other facilities are quite favourable as well. Price range: Rs. 3100/- per sq ft.

  1. Vadsar

Range starts from Rs. 3000/- per sq ft., Vadsar is quite a developed area for residential property. If you are thinking to spend your rest of the life in a better place at affordable price then Vadsar be the best choice for you. It is well connected to SG Highways as well.

  1. SG Highway

Despite having the most lucrative area SG Highways offer quite low price for the residential area. Range starts from Rs. 2950/- per sq ft., the area lets Ahemdabad and Gandhi Nagar to connect with each other smoothly. Most of the housing properties are situated near the highway. The place is equipped with various amenities an developed infrastructure.

  1. Thaltej

Thaltej falls into premium places in Ahmedabad. Though you can’t call it an affordable area however the place can be a consideration for your requirement. The price range starts from Rs. 4800/- per sq ft. When you are spending all your money for your dream house then why not Thaltej!

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