Why HDFC Bank Home Loans are so popular?

Owning some space or a piece of land is a great thing and with the help of HDFC home loans anyone can afford if you have the desire. This bank has tailored loans for salaried and self-employed individuals. This tailor-made approach helps everyone buying a home easier than ever. From low rate of interest to attractive offers, everything is customized for each customer according to their requirements. Apart from helping in owning a house through home loan, the bank also offers technical and legal support, these includes advice from financial experts, financial counseling and so on. All these assistance will help you to buy a right house as per your desire.

Home loans are offered by HDFC bank for various purposes such as for purchasing fully constructed and furnished independent houses or flat, loan is offered for under construction properties, for renovation purpose and also for re-constructing a housing property.

Why HDFC Bank for Home Loan instead of other banks?

The facilities offered by this bank attract its customers and they are:

  • Loans are offered only for properties that are approved by Housing Development Authority
  • Development Authorized properties such as BDA, MHADA and DDA are considered
  • Loans are made affordable with low rate of interest
  • No hidden charges
  • Repayment options are customized according to customer needs
  • Technical counseling and legal advice is offered upon request
  • Those employed in Indian Army get additional benefits through special agreements
  • Bank has lots of branches and its connectivity network is pretty strong and accessible anywhere in India

Anyone who wishes to apply for HDFC home loan can apply for it individually or jointly. It is not necessary that all co-applicants needs to be co-owners, however all owners can be co-applicant. In order to be a co-applicant for a house property, he/ she should be closely-related to the owner (best example is family member). Having said all these if rate of interest on home loans are not low then it is not possible to attract customers easily. HDFC housing loans offers loans at low are of interest with attractive offers.

HDFC Bank Home Loan Rate of Interest:

Limited Period Under Adjustable Rate Home Loan
Loan Slab Interest Rates (% p.a.)
For Women* (upto 30 lakhs) 8.35 to 8.85
For Others* (upto 30 lakhs) 8.40 to 8.90
*Above 30 lakhs and upto 75 lakhs 8.50 to 9.00
*Above 75 lakhs 8.55 to 9.05
Existing Customers of HDFC bank have following conversion option
Sr. No Name of the Product/Service Frequency Amount in Rupees
1 Switch to Lower Rate in Variable rate Loans (Housing/Extension/Improvement) On every Spread change Upto 0.50% of the Principal Outstanding and undisbursed amount (if any) at the time of Conversion or a cap Rs. 50000 plus taxes whichever is lower.
2 Switching to Variable Rate Loan from Fixed Rate Loan (Housing/Extension/ Improvement) Once Upto 0.50% of the Principal Outstanding and undisbursed amount (if any) at the time of Conversion or a cap Rs. 50000 plus taxes whichever is lower.
3 Switch from Trufixed fixed rate to Variable rate Once 1.75% of the Principal Outstanding and undisbursed amount (if any) plus taxes at the time of Conversion.
4 Switch to Lower Rate (Non–Housing Loans) On every Spread change Half of the spread difference on the principal outstanding and undisbursed amount (if any) plus taxes, with a minimum fee of 0.5% and Max. 1.50%.
5 Switch to Lower Rate (Plot Loans) On every Spread change 0.5% of principal outstanding and undisbursed amount (if any) plus taxes at the time of Conversion.
Loan Amount Maximum Funding*
Up to and including Rs.30 lacs 90% of the property cost
Rs.30.01 lacs to Rs.75 lacs 80% of the property cost
Above Rs.75 lacs 75% of the property cost

Fees and Charge on HDFC Bank Home Loans:

  • Processing fee is upto 0.50% of the loan amount or Rs. 3000, whichever is lower
  • Prepayment charges are applicable according to the loan type
  • Conversion charges are applicable as per product or service
  • Cheque dishonor charges is Rs. 200
  • Delayed payment charges is applicable and charges can extend upto 24% per annum
  • Disbursement Cheque Cancellation Charge Post Disbursement is Rs. 200

Highlight of HDFC home loans are the repayment option offered to its customers:

  1. Flexible Loan Installment Plan: This repayment option is otherwise called as FLIP. Through this customer’s get opportunity to create their own repayment plan based on the loan amount and tenure of the loan. In this repayment plan, the EMI will be higher during the initial period of loan disbursal and it is expected to decrease in proportion to the income of the individual. This is a best option for salaried individuals who have not saved much towards retirement.
  1. Step up Repayment Facility (SURF): According to the expected growth in the borrower’s income, the EMI will be ascertained. This repayment option is best for those who have just started their career and their income is expected to increase in the coming years. The bank will accelerate the EMI amount according to proportional rise in the income level.
  1. Telescopic Repayment Option: This repayment option is also available for young home buyers whose income earning is low and who looks to pay low amount as EMI. The tenure for such repayment option will be longer say 20 years to 30 years.
  1. Tranche Based EMI: If you are taking home loan for a property that is under construction, then the expectation is to just pay HDFC bank home loan interest rate on the disbursed loan amount until full loan amount is disbursed by the bank. However, with the help of Tranche Based EMI repayment option, the borrower can opt to start paying EMI on the disbursed loan amount without waiting for the full loan amount disbursal.

Make the most use of these options available with HDFC bank and own a house anywhere in India now. Turn your dream of owning a house into reality now with the help of HDFC Bank Home Loan.


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