How to Reduce Your Home Loan Interest Rates

Home loan is a facility that has been offered by banks, Non-Banking financial companies, financial institutions, lenders etc. in order to support people’s dream of purchasing and living in their own houses.  The home loan is offered usually for the longer period and with a larger amount. Repayment of the loan amount becomes a huge burden for the people as it often hampers their monthly budget. Here, Finance Buddha, has come up with certain tips that will help you to reduce your home loan interest rates. Try to choose short loan tenure:- The short duration of the loan always ensures … Continue reading How to Reduce Your Home Loan Interest Rates

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Home Loan for an Under Construction Property

Ashutosh has decided to buy an under construction property for which the builder has already paid 4 installments out of 10 linked installments. Ashutosh wants to understand the steps to avail the home loan for an under construction property along with guidelines that have to be kept in mind for the smooth & secure functioning. Indian real estate industry have been facing the problems in near past and the developers have been facing the crunch. The developers have been thus forced to divert the money from the pre-launch projects to the almost nearly finished projects. However, now a day, more … Continue reading Home Loan for an Under Construction Property

What are the Documents Required for Home Loan Balance Transfer?

Living in the own house is a dream of almost each and every person. To support and help the people fulfilling the dreams, the banks such as HDFC bank, ICICI bank, SBI bank, Financial Institutions such as Bajaj Finance, NBFCs etc. have extended their hands to support people’s dream of own home and started providing home loan facilities. The borrower can check the eligibility criteria online and apply for the housing loans by following certain simple steps. The rate of interest, monthly instalments and duration to repay the loan may differ according to the different housing loan providers. The borrower … Continue reading What are the Documents Required for Home Loan Balance Transfer?


The credit score is an important aspect when it comes to loan. For the home loans, it plays even major role because the home loan is a loan consisting of long tenures as far as repayment is concerned. In a way, a credit score is a 3 digit numeric summary of entire credit history for you. It usually varies from 300 to 900 numeric score. The credit score is dependent on the credit history. You can obtain the same from CBIL by paying nominal charges and come to know about your credit score before you apply for the home loan. … Continue reading HOW DOES YOUR PERSONAL CREDIT RECORD IMPACTS YOUR HOME LOAN


Loans are a way to close down your expenses through the immediate funding drafted by the banks to you. We are living in an era, where a consumer can get a loan within 10 seconds of the application of the Online Loans. It can also take time in some circumstances. It totally depends on the bank the consumer is dealing with and the benefits provided by the bank. It is a mere surprise for the banking industry as they observe the shift in the trend of borrowing by the consumer. Consumers are shifting towards the borrowing of loan which is … Continue reading HOW TO GET A PERSONAL LOAN IN BANGALORE AT LOW-INTEREST RATE

How Existing Borrowers can reduce their Home Loan Interest Rates

It is a dream of each and every person to purchase the own house and live in the “Dream Home”. The banks, NBFCs, Financial Service Providers and the other lenders are aggressively reducing the interest rates for the home loan to support the customers in order to avail the facility of the home loan as far as new home loan customers are concerned. But, if you are an existing borrower, then here we are giving you some guidelines with the help of which you can also get the benefit of the reduced home loan interest rate. The customers, who have … Continue reading How Existing Borrowers can reduce their Home Loan Interest Rates


Funding the startup an aspect of the business where most of the entrepreneurs have to survive through the struggle. While you have just entered the business world you need a lot of funding to survive the initial years. The first option to opt for financing the business for any entrepreneur is bootstrapping. If the bootstrapping doesn’t work out well then banks are the primary source of funding the business in the initial period i.e. business loan. Many of the startup business don’t fall fit for the business loan due to the initial period of their business where they have no … Continue reading PERSONAL LOAN FOR YOUR STARTUP BUSINESS

Business Loans for Retailers:: What You Need to Know

The retailers have to opt for the various small or big loans to manage the business retail outlet. The retailers need to avail the business loans for variety of purpose such as to buy the furniture or fixtures, to purchase the inventory, to maintain the regular cash flow for the business, to maintain the regular functioning of the business etc. However, before applying for the loans, there are certain things which are to be kept in mind as far as the retailer is concerned.  The careful analysis and assessment can reap the real benefits of the business loans for retailers. … Continue reading Business Loans for Retailers:: What You Need to Know

Why HDFC Bank Home Loans are so popular?

Owning some space or a piece of land is a great thing and with the help of HDFC home loans anyone can afford if you have the desire. This bank has tailored loans for salaried and self-employed individuals. This tailor-made approach helps everyone buying a home easier than ever. From low rate of interest to attractive offers, everything is customized for each customer according to their requirements. Apart from helping in owning a house through home loan, the bank also offers technical and legal support, these includes advice from financial experts, financial counseling and so on. All these assistance will help … Continue reading Why HDFC Bank Home Loans are so popular?

Affordable Home Loan from ICICI

When it comes to buying a dream home don’t settle for anything except the best. ICICI bank is offering home loans to ensure you get a chance to build a dream home at affordable rates. In India getting a home loan is not tough, but it is considered that you are lucky if you can get a home loan from ICICI bank. The facilities and benefits offered by this bank is very impressive and it is the very reason every third person who is looking to take home loan prefers ICICI bank. Highlights of ICICI Bank Home Loans are: This … Continue reading Affordable Home Loan from ICICI

How do Banks Calculate Interest on Home Loans?

All who have taken home loan and everyone who is planning to take a home loan in the near future will be keen to know how banks calculate interest on home loans. This piece of article is here with answers for all your questions related to calculating interest on home loans. Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) is the combination of amount which is part of principal loan amount for repayment plus rate of interest on the home loan. Just like basic mathematics, banks use specific formula to calculate rate of interest and EMI on the home loan. This is considered on … Continue reading How do Banks Calculate Interest on Home Loans?

Which bank is best for home loan?

When it comes to buying a home, there is lot of research and investigations involved. Apart from looking for good rate of interest on the home loan, people also look for best bank that is safe, reliable and offers various other facilities. At times, borrowers are fine to spend some extra penny through interest in case if the service offered is excellent. Any time you decide to get into a home loan it is important to keep in mind that this will be mostly the longest debt in your life. Thus it is essential to check each and every aspect … Continue reading Which bank is best for home loan?

Advantages of Axis Bank Personal Loan

UTI bank is also known as Axis bank and this is the third largest private sector bank in India after HDFC and ICICI bank. What makes Axis bank best in India is the exclusive features and facilities offered by the bank to all customers across the country. Axis bank Online loans can be used for multiple purposes. Whether it is to go for a vacation, to renovate the house, for daughter’s dream wedding, personal loan can be easily used. Personal loan details specific to Axis bank: Axis Bank Personal Loan Interest Rate 11.25% – 24.00% Check Best Offers Lowest EMI Rs. … Continue reading Advantages of Axis Bank Personal Loan


Where should I go for my home loan balance transfer, Banks or NBFC? It is one of the questions which makes every borrower in the situation of doubt and throw him into an enigma. When this situation arrives in the home loan balance transfer the borrower should be patient about it and not deal with it like he has to catch his last train which is departing from the station i.e. running. The approach in these matters of home loan is to first break words with your current bank regarding your proposal of lower interest rates and if they disagree … Continue reading BANKS V/S NBFC – WHICH IS BETTER FOR HOME LOAN BALANCE TRANSFER?


Interest! It is not the only thing a borrower should know while in process of home loan balance transfer. A home loan balance transfer is a process which involves a lot more activities than just saving interests. It involves a set of activities to be conducted before transferring the home loan balance to another bank.  Well, first of all, let us know about home loan balance transfer. The process in which a borrower transfers the home loan balance from one bank to another in exchange for the benefits availed to the borrower by the other bank. Borrowers are hardly aware … Continue reading THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT HOME LOAN BALANCE TRANSFER

Balance Transfer to Reduce Your Home Loan Burden

Living in your own dream home is the dream every person has. The banks such as HDFC Bank, AXIS Bank, ICICI Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Ratnakar Bank and the financial institutions such as Bajaj Finance, Edelweiss Home Loan, Cholamandalam Home Loan etc. have extended their services to provide the home loans to the customers. The home loans are the very important feature of the banks, financial institutions and NBFCs. The home loan is being provided at the affordable interest rates and for the longer duration. The home loan interest rate varies from 8.5% to 9.75%. The customer can assess the … Continue reading Balance Transfer to Reduce Your Home Loan Burden

5 Best Personal Loans for Indian Women

Nowadays, just like men, even women have their footprints everything. In every product or service that is used there is touch of women sometimes equal to men or even more. However, there could you situations which will demand women as well to sit at home and some of the main reasons for this scenario are medical conditions, maternity leaves without pay and so on. At times, due to pregnancy complications, there might be a need to quit work until the pregnancy term at least. All these will give rise to financial crisis if it was not planned and if there … Continue reading 5 Best Personal Loans for Indian Women

Does Early Repaying Off Personal Loans Makes Sense?

Debt! Certainly not the fanciest word any person wants to be around. Yes, all of us are self-concerned when it comes to debt. Nobody wants to be the person to owe money to some other person or institution. Well, if you borrowed a traditional (personal) loan for some of your needs and you just got lucky enough to get them easily at a low amount. Now, you have all the money to clear your debt. In technical terminology, it is known as pre-payment of the loan amount. Well, who wants to pay off interest to the lender over a large … Continue reading Does Early Repaying Off Personal Loans Makes Sense?

Business Loan in Bangalore for Mechanical Workshop

Are you planning to start your own mechanic workshop? If you have done enough research on the industry and if it is the right time to kick start a business, money should never be a concern. There are excellent business loan options available in Bangalore for starting a mechanical workshop. Most of the banks are ready to offer a decent amount as business loan if you have good credit history and an impressive business plan. Just like any other type of loan, getting business loan for mechanical workshop is not very tough. However, because this profession is related to skillset, … Continue reading Business Loan in Bangalore for Mechanical Workshop

Should I Use a Personal Loan for My Business

  This is the usual conundrum with most of the business owners in their business when it requires a push of funding to stabilize the business in monetary aspects that whether the business should opt for a personal loan or business loan. Well, the question here that should a personal loan be used for a particular business has a two sided answer attached to it. Business loans are the product exclusively created for serving the funding of the businesses but also come with terms and conditions to fullfil. Well, Online loans are truly a unique product created by the lenders … Continue reading Should I Use a Personal Loan for My Business

The Best Advice We’ve Ever Heard about Instant Personal Loan

Instant personal loans are categorized under unsecured loans. The same is offered by almost all the banks, Non-banking financial institutions, financial services providers etc. The customers can avail the benefits of the instant personal loan with the help of minimum documentation and of course with a good credit history. The instant personal loan amount can vary from ₹ 50,000 to ₹ 500,000. There are variety of reasons because of which the customers would want to take the instant personal loan such as wedding ceremonies, hospitalization, educational requirements, house renovation, medical emergency such as operation, tourism purpose etc. Required elements to … Continue reading The Best Advice We’ve Ever Heard about Instant Personal Loan

Getting Out of a Home Loan

Home loans a product that has caused benefits for many of us and sorrows too which are issued by the bank. A home loan can turn out to be a boon for someone as well as a curse for someone. It totally depends on the situation the loan is borrowed by the borrower. Like, if a borrower is looking for a new home or some home related issue such as renovation than home loan turns out to be a boon for that person. The person gets the home of his dream at the best price and everything. Similarly, if a … Continue reading Getting Out of a Home Loan


Business loans are one of those many procedures where the business owners tend to lose control of their patience when it comes till the execution part of the procedure. They are time-consuming, need a lot of documentation work and the correct approach to gain the confidence of the lender that the business model will not fail. Moreover, there are multiple ways a business can be funded. But, following are some simple tips and tricks that an owner can follow to find him walking on the best way to get a business loan. Thus, it is not a tough procedure if … Continue reading BEST WAY TO GET BUSINESS LOAN

How do I get an Instant Personal Loan?

Getting a loan in India is not a tough task in India and during emergency requirements, you have the option to get instant loan. Through instant personal loan money will be credited to the bank account within 24 hours and it requires minimum or no documentation. It is even possible to get instant loan within 2-3 hours and it totally depends on the bank or non-banking financial institution where you have applied for loan. It is quite natural to come across emergency situations and not everyone has even money saved for emergency funding, at these circumstances it will be a … Continue reading How do I get an Instant Personal Loan?

6 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid In Online Loans

Finance is the backbone of each and every economy. In today’s world, everything is available to the people on their fingertips due to globalization and technological advancement. The globalization has provided the competitive edge in to the industry and the customers have started getting inclined towards the products which are instantly or immediately available to them. The finance industry is also affected with the same concept of immediately delivery and to cater to that the banking and financial institutions have come up with the special, unique and different feature which is known as “Insta Loan”. The Online Loans functions according … Continue reading 6 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid In Online Loans

Instant Personal Loan for Medical Emergency

Have you ever faced a situation where your loved one is hospitalized suddenly because of some unpredictable circumstances such as accident or illness? And at that time, the hospital asks you to pay the heavy amount and you do not have enough find in your kitty? If you have faced such a situation, we are sure that you know the kind of pressure one feels at that time. We would pray that such a situation does not happen to anyone, but at the same time, one should be prepared to face any kind of challenges or circumstances at the future … Continue reading Instant Personal Loan for Medical Emergency

Pre- EMI v/s Full EMI – What You Should Know?

An equated monthly installment is also known as EMI and it is a combination of principal of the loan amount plus interest. All times depending on the loan type full loan amount will not be disbursed by the bank. In such cases, interest will be paid only for the disbursed loan amount which is also called as pre-EMI. The best example for pre-EMI is home loan. Suppose you have taken a home loan for under-construction property.  Bank or lender will disburse loan amount in installments based on the stages of construction. In such cases full loan amount will be disbursed … Continue reading Pre- EMI v/s Full EMI – What You Should Know?

10 Regrettable Financial Choices

Most people consider budgeting as futile and time consuming process. But the fact is budgeting helps you to carry out your big dreams by cutting-off the extra and useless expenses. Proper detailing enlightens you about your prime needs. It actually helps you to understand that the money spent on useless item could have been used on something useful and convenient to you. The 10 regrettable financial choices which you make are as follows: Late start in budget making- Putting off budgeting is not the act of cleverness. The settlement of budgeting can let slip the wastage of money that could … Continue reading 10 Regrettable Financial Choices